Beteendet gör skillnaden

IEA DSM projekt 24 har samlat ett omfattande material om vad beteendet spelar för roll i effektiviseringssammanhang. Deras ledmotiv har varit “Most of the time what we do is what we do most of the time. And sometimes we do something new

Det är fallstudier som presenteras med “storytelling” och det är höggradigt roande men pÃ¥ ett oroande sätt! SÃ¥ här sammanfattas Stockholms trängselskatter.

Once upon a time… there was the City of Stockholm, which was gorgeous but had way too many traffic jams.
Every day…more and more Volvos and Saabs tried to drive in the not-so-well-planned City (well, the Vikings didn’t have cars!) and people got very frustrated.
But, one day…the national and local governments decided to try to kill the behemoth that was the traffic chaos in Stockholm.
Because of that…a comprehensive congestion charge pilot was introduced.
But then! Car commuters who travelled in from the outside and (felt that) they had no alternatives, turned sour, for several reasons.
Because of that…the policymakers realised that they should also improve public   transport,  park and ride schemes etc to make it easier to travel without car.
So, finally…the improved social acceptability thanks to the comprehensive toolbox of measures enabled the politicians to implement congestion charges on a permanent basis.
And Stockholm’s air is almost as fresh as when the Vikings lived.
The End.







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