God Jul!

FourFact AB önskar alla en God Jul denna Luciamorgon. Vi gör det genom en donation till Practical Actions arbete i Darfur. De är troligen den enda organisation som är på plats där. Deras arbete med att ge invånarna tillgång till energisnåla spisar räddar inte bara naturen, utan minskar särskilt riskerna för de familjemedlemmar som samlar ved. Det är vanligen kvinnor och barn som måste vistas i de farliga omgivningarna med risk för sina liv.

Shortage of fuel for cooking is one of the many problems faced by the 2 million internally displaced people in Darfur, Sudan. Gathering fuel is generally women?s work and is dangerous. Women have been attacked, raped or killed during their search for firewood. Sources of firewood near the camps are now completely depleted, leading women to travel further and further afield or to dig up tree roots, eliminating any chance of the trees growing again.

Various alternative cooking fuels such as kerosene or LPG have been tried but both the stoves and the fuel proved too costly for people living in the camps.

Practical Action is tackling this problem through the use of improved woodstoves, which are both affordable and easy to use. The improved stove has high sides which assist heat transfer. Practical Action’s project staff originally helped to develop this stove at Wau Nour, a camp for displaced and marginalised people, on the outskirts of Kassala, Sudan, as part of a project to reduce indoor air pollution due to cooking.

Over 150 women have been trained to use the new stoves and are now able to teach these techniques to others. Essential fuel saving tips such as using dry wood, pre-soaking beans before cooking, using a weighted lid and controlling the air supply to the fire are included in the training programme.

These methods cut fuel use in half and as a result the incidence of violence towards women has significantly reduced.







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