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Med “djuprenovering” av byggnader rapporterar ACEEE frÃ¥n en studie i USA. Det är ju detsamma som EUs direktiv fört effektivisering (och som sÃ¥ grundligt fuskats bort) siktade emot. ACEEE rekommenderar för att nÃ¥ dit:

Develop workforce capacity. Encourage builders to document their high-performance work to prove eligibility for program participation. Offer technical assistance to help contractors properly sequence and install deep energy retrofit measures.
Encourage better market valuation. Energy efficiency programs should collaborate with realtors and appraisers to properly value deep energy retrofit work in the real estate market.
Increase customer awareness and interest. Increase consumer knowledge about deep energy retrofits through existing energy efficiency programs. Partner with organizations that distribute information on home maintenance such as insurance companies.
Target the right customers. Community organizations can provide contact with people who are committed to environmental issues. Other good targets include the highest energy consumers.
Provide financing opportunities. Programs can sponsor financing for homeowners who incorporate energy efficiency measures into renovations, thus encouraging them to consider deep energy work. Private bank loans might also be an option if deep energy retrofits had a higher market valuation.
Measure energy performance. Programs should monitor actual post-retrofit energy use to evaluate individual measures and entire projects.
Develop a strategy for program development and evolution. Utilities interested in deep energy retrofits should begin with a pilot, robustly evaluate initial results, and use this solid foundation to build a full-scale program.

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