Occupy Wall Street - Occupy Durban?

Rörelsen Naomi Klein ser ett samband med klimatfrågorna:

We all know, or at least sense, that the world is upside down: we act as if there is no end to what is actually finite: fossil fuels and the atmospheric space to absorb their emissions. And we act as if there are strict and immovable limits to what is actually bountiful: the financial resources to build the kind of society we need.

The task of our time is to turn this round: to challenge this false scarcity. To insist that we can afford to build a decent, inclusive society ? while at the same time respect the real limits to what the earth can take.

What climate change means is that we have to do this on a deadline.

Det kanske behövs ett Occupy Durban också inför konferensen där nu när det rapporteras att Kyotoavtalet sannolikt inte får någon uppföljare. Parallellen är ju ganska uppenbar. Några få drar nytta och majoriteten får betala med sämre livsvillkor.

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