Big data för effektivare energianvändning

Big data for greater energy efficiency

Webinarium 20 April 2017 15:00 - 16:00 under ledning av professor Kornelis Blok

Data streams relevant for energy use in buildings are increasing. Many households have “smart” meters in place or are installing smart thermostats or smart plugs; and the first IoT applications are entering households. We see similar developments in commercial buildings.
This wealth of data provides new opportunities to better understand and control energy use in buildings. Significant energy saving potentials are claimed. Nevertheless, there are also serious challenges, like privacy and cybersecurity issues, and the variety of platforms.
In this webinar an overview will be given of the main developments in this new field. The challenge is how big data can empower users of homes and office buildings to create a comfortable and efficient living and working place.

Key messages
• Big data is not about data, nor is it about information technology. A big data project is about change management.
• Before starting on a big data project, it is important to ask ‘what problem you are trying to solve’.
• Key elements are good metering strategies, a plan to collect and organise data, but most importantly, a vision how to take action based on data.
• Privacy concerns need to be addressed through a regulatory framework clearly defining data ownership and uses.


Prof. Kornelis Blok
Kornelis Blok (1956) is professor of Energy Systems Analysis. He studied experimental physics at Utrecht University and received a Ph.D. degree in 1991 on a thesis ‘On the Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions’. In 1984 he was one of the founders of Ecofys, where he is now Director of Science, next to his position at Delft University of Technology.



Domens dag är nära

Tisdagen den 28 november händer det! Näringsutskottet (ITRE) i EU-Parlamentet skall rösta om effektiviseringsdirektivet. Efter att ha gått igenom flera stormar, särskilt när ITRE-rapportören Gierek blandade ihop alla korten rejält, kan det landa hyfsat rätt ändå framgår det av Euractives artikel:

The new set of amendments indeed bears little similarity to Gierek’s previous drafts, as they now include a full 40% efficiency target, as well as binding national targets. Article 7 of the directive, which governs annual energy saving obligations on energy sales, is also beefed up in terms of obligations and timeframe.

Men sedan vet vi inte om de olika partigrupperna kan hålla ordning på allt. Bedömningar från dem som vet säger att det blir tight


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